Who we are

We are a group of people linked to the Heart of Mary School in Palencia who are drawn together through a shared passion for Education and Music. We understand that both things go hand in hand and it is at School where we can best reflect the benefits of that bond of union.
We are committed to an innovative education way, through music from very early ages to instil the essence of values and attitudes in children, which will help them to grow as individuals. We also want to enjoy music, share our experiences and contribute to all those musical proposals that play a part in the full development of individuals and the creation of a better world.
The Association is headquartered in the Heart of Mary School in Palencia, which relies on conveniently adapted facilities to welcome participants in a project that is growing to be established in other places.

Talent Development

“Mother María Güell enjoyed seeing some other quality in the others and she took care of developing it. She was concerned about educating and catechizing by singing” (Founder’s Biography. MHCM).