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Violin Lessons

In Música y Persona, we believe that the violin is one of the most complete instruments for musical training and promoting a comprehensive education. Its conditions and difficulty in application bring up an important challenge to the children and help to work on different values such as constancy and effort. It also fosters the development of fine motor skills, allows you to deepen in your personal world through listening and communication of emotions and it is an excellent unifying force because it requires the families’ involvement in early ages and often becomes an expression of collective possibilities that require a collaborative framework like orchestral performance.

Stimulus for musical language

“The brain does not distinguish between music and language, especially in new-born brains. Infants do not know what “milk” or “drink” mean, but they understand the language of music. We learn to speak by listening to the musical sounds of language. That is the reason why it is so important they listen to music, because we are innately musical creatures from the depths of our nature.
Children whose musical language is stimulated learn language process and its nuances, syntax and listening ability quickly, and they suffer less dyslexia problems. Singing or music making is so beneficial for them.”  (Stefan Koelsch).

Trinity College London guarantees the learning process

The Heart of Mary School has become an accredited centre for Trinity College London, a prestigious international entity that allows the violin students be tested to guarantee their learning process and be externally assessed by a world-wide known organism that enjoys native qualified teachers and the students obtain official certificates, as well.
Check Trinity College London website.

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