The Heart of Mary School

The Heart of Mary School in Palencia is the headquarter of the Association because it is here where the Música y Persona project was born as a continuation of life at School and to meet the desire of both students and families to remain linked to our educative institution. The educational approach followed for forty years by the Missionary Daughters of the Heart of Mary to educate in values that creatively take to inwardness and reflection is still alive through the Association, what implies families are even more involved in and the educational sphere per se is overtaken.

If you are interested in knowing the educational project, have a look at The Heart of Mary School webpage.

Música y Persona facilities at The Heart of Mary School

The School, which launched the Project and has been deploying it since 2014, relies on several individual booths to practise the violin, music rooms equipped with the necessary elements to enjoy and practise several musical disciplines, events room and all structures that are needed to carry out the Association activities.
Besides, Primary Education students count on their own facilities because musical instruction is integrated into the School curriculum, making mandatory teaching hours to be extended.

“Big group” Music Classroom

Primary Education Music Classroom