Nuestra historia

Our project and history

The Música y Persona Project was born in 2014 in response to the quest of new forms of educational innovation that both the teachers and the head entity of The Heart of Mary School in Palencia, the Congregation of Missionary Daughters of The Heart of Mary, had been demanding to help the students and their families in their personal growth. The objective sought for was to give continuity to the educational work and to keep on raising the seed to consolidate what has been sown for some years devoted to education.
As music lovers and being aware of its own benefits, those responsible for the School, with Sister Dolores Almansa in charge of it, decided to turn The Heart of Mary School into a School of Creative Inwardness where music was incorporated into the curriculum, and more clearly from Primary Education.
As the School offers the children the possibility of taking part in violin learning from 3 years on, those responsible for the project have involved all the educative community in it and have achieved to arouse in the children their listening and capacity for amazement, awake their curiosity and desire to learn and help them strengthen the fundamental values that allow them to increase all the dimensions of the person.

Pedagogy of Admiration

“If we help the children and the young to really  meet musical works by themselves, taking part in all their wealth, going beyond the level of pure technique – that is necessary but by no means sufficient – they approach the area of irradiation of the great values … , the field of admiration and enthusiasm” (Alfonso López Quintás).

Now, this exhilarating project gives the School its own character and makes The Heart of Mary School be a reference for educational innovation. The families are involved and above all, the students learn to appreciate the individual effort through values and attitudes like reflection and creative thinking, perseverance, constancy and willpower, wich will enable them to lead their own lives and be committed to the environment and to the others in the construction of a better world for everyone.
Música y Persona has become a non-profit Cultural Association to give continuity to the educational project, extend its proposal, engage individuals and institutions and encourage the exchange of experiences by creating musical groups and the implementation of all kinds of actions that have Music and integral Education as a reference.