Mission, vision and values

The principle that has led us to the creation of Música y Persona is based on the belief that Music brings great benefits to the human being and its training power can change the person and the whole society to build a more human and fairer future. At early ages, it is also a powerful tool for intellectual growth and the development of multiple intelligences. Music is also a strong motivator and especially, an on-going invitation to internalisation and creativity. Music helps individuals to be free, coherent and happy; it joins communities and contributes to the dialogue and the peace in a world where our children must learn to lead by initiative, commitment and creativity.


The mission of Música y Persona is based on the Christian humanism values and Music to build up Schools of Creative Inwardness that help children develop integrally, benefit the involvement of families and promote the process of human and social transformation.

According to the Association bylaws, its last aim is, “the promotion, encouragement and spread of Christian values directed to the integral training of the person by teaching Music, mainly, through the creation and maintenance of musical groups”


We believe in music as the engine for the integral development of individuals and a fundamental tool to promote inwardness and reflection, work on emotions, achievement of aesthetic sensitivity, encouragement of intellectual, human and spiritual growth for personal fulfilment.

We believe in the educational power of music as a process of human and social transformation to build a better world where interpersonal relationships are fostered and individual and collective capacities are esteemed.

We believe in music as a first-rate educational element to turn the School into an innovative space that awakens curiosity and astonishment and invites creative inwardness, critical thinking and the interrelation with families.

The formative power of music

Music has an extraordinary formative capacity when seen in its deepest sense and practiced creatively. The interpreter and the listener have to actively receive the possibilities that every piece offers. That active reception of possibilities is the quintessence of creativity.
(Alfonso López Quintás)


We bet on music and innovative-quality education.

We are committed to the person we believe in as a unique and unrepeatable human being. We want to count on music to sow the best and encourage the intellectual, human and spiritual development of the individuals.

We are moved by the society. We stand up for music to build a better world that favours more inclusive, fair and supportive ways of human interrelation.

We are excited about the School and we trust in music to change it into an innovative space that arouses interest and wonder, and it invites to take on the leading role on own learning.

We are passionate and interested to learn. We need for invention, for sharing and for education support with new nuances of quality, where Music is a key element to transmit the values that build and provide openness for interiorisation and the significance in the discovery of Truth.