In M&P, we are convinced that music is inside every human being and the discovery of that great treasure is enriching for the individual by helping him grow all his dimensions and potential. That is the reason why the project proposes such a practical and active methodology, which encourages the person to awaken a taste for music from the outset and reach the knowledge of the musician we all have inside . Playing music by means of an instrument or taking part in choirs is the best way to develop different abilities. Not for nothing, musical education gathers the essence of multiple intelligences developed by Howard Gardner. Fostering knowledge of existing music, providing space for interiorisation and allowing it to become a manifestation of emotions, are also the best way to increase creativity.

We bet on the experiential training that awakens the capacity for wonder, in the discovery of oneself and the others, which stimulates to create autonomously and at the same time, in collaboration with others. And we believe in the pleasant power of music to be calm, to cause and nurture aesthetic sensitivity and help to acquire beauty and balance criteria. All of this achieved through persistence as an essential value to reach success. Attaining an achievement with effort, unyielding in the face of hardship, makes it more valuable, encourages insistence and fills us with enthusiasm to follow on improving.