Commitment to the environmet

We believe that all kinds of artistic manifestations can contribute to our students’ criteria of beauty and balance, aesthetic sensitivity and enjoyment. That is the reason why we try to show the work of our Violinists and our Groups of Music and Choirs implementing all kinds of performances and musicals to assess the work carried out. In other words, our goal is to make children conscious of social commitment by allocating collection of these events to supportive causes.
To further encourage inter-generational and personal relationship is also among our social and personal aims, betting on team work and both involving in performance creation and putting them on display to elderly people relating to our background, grandparents and retirees. They can provide the children with some experience and contribute to magnify the event.

Nor did we forget our commitment to environmental education, so we teach children to work on creating stages and wardrobe drawn from recycled material, taking advantage of staging to excite imagination and being environmentally-friendly in an active and constructive way.

Music is innate

“We are innately musical creatures from the depths of our nature” (Stefan Koelsch).

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