Coros y agrupaciones musicales

Choirs and musical groups

Musical groups and choirs as well as musical theatres are for Música y Persona one of the most integrative and beneficial educational formulas because they allow going deeper into personal potentialities and harness them to collective service. They are a perfect choice for people having artistic concerns that do not have professional knowledge in the field.

In addition to the musical component, there is a very important and necessary social aspect linked to life of those groups. By sharing this passion among the different people who fill the structure of the choral group, different close links are born at all levels. Feeling the wonderful experience of singing with others, living the emotion roused by this activity with them creates a set of really valuable attachments.

Other benefit lies in the chance to take part in the entire Education Community, mainly families. Parents, grandparents and grandchildren may have the occasion to share their passion for music and in such a way, promoting the intergenerational meeting and a permanent dialogue between the families and the school.

Musical groups and choirs in The Heart of Mary School (Palencia)

Social Cohesion

“When we make music, we experience and activate all those social functions together again, that is, we find out what the other wants, tries or believes without him explicitly telling us.
What comes out of this is that we like each other better than we did before and we are more united, we rely on the confidence in reciprocal care and the confidence that opportunities to engage with the others will also emerge in the future” (Stefan Koelsch).

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