The last target of Música y Persona is to develop a model of School of Creative Inwardness that contributes to the integral training of the person and the positive change of the society. That is the reason why we want to train teachers, help children and children’s families to:

  • Discover the value of music as a means to reach interiority.
  • Start in production and composition of melodies and different musical pieces.
  • Foster the reflective and critical character to improve the environment.
  • Create choirs that encourage cooperation and teamwork.
  • Promote the joining of families through their members participation in such choirs.
  • Enjoy the activities of the Association creatively.
  • Promote collaboration of elderly people and receive their contributions.
  • Discover the value of performing arts.
  • Cooperate in charitable work of social nature through choral activities.

We want this way of understanding education to spread by training teachers specifically, suggesting a singular model of school that focuses on families through music and its extraordinary benefits to develop multiple intelligences and capacities, making all the family members like children, parents and grandparents be involved in music.